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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ​Is there a certain dress code during interviews?

    Yes. Candidates must wear a formal attire.​

  • How are the salaries calculated ?

    A candidate's salary is calculated according to the latest academic degree the candidate holds and the years of experience that he/she has in a relevant career.​ Also, MSA University has a certain pay-scale that it follows to ensure fairness among its staff members.

  • ​How can I achieve career growth in the Academic field ?

    In order to professionally grow in the Academic career, you need to complete your post-graduate studies (MSc/ MA & PhD). A Bachelor degree holder starts off as a Teaching Assistant, followed by a Masters degree to be promoted to an Assistant Lecturer position.​ Then, he/she has to to obtain a PhD degree in order to be promoted to a Lecturer position. In order to be promoted to an Assistant Professor then a Professor, a PhD holder has to conduct a certain number of researches.

  • What is the dress code ​for the staff members ?

    As professional and proper attire helps MSA University maintain its professional image and reputation among ​its customers, affiliates, partners and​ ​students​, ​​formal ​d​ress ​c​ode is the ​ required ​proper attire in MSA University. ​Also, wearing a formal attire helps in making MSA employees stand out among students and visitors. ​All MSA employees must abide by the ​ following regulations​ and rules of the dress code:​

    • The proper attire for men should be suits, simple shirts, traditional silk ties with no loud colors or patterns, matching socks and polished leather shoes.
    • The proper attire for women should be suits (jacket alternatives ​such as ​cardigan​s​ are allowed), cotton or silk blouses, classic scarves, simple veil colors, matching shoes, light- colored stockings and simple jewelry.
    • Thursday is the Smart Casual attire day for both men and women. However, you should pick clothing that is comfortable yet communicates a professional attitude.
    • T-shirts​, ​Jeans​, sandals, flip-flops and open toe shoes ​are totally forbidden for both men and women on all week days.