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03, July, 2019

2019 Summer Camp Opportunities - Camp Counselor

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, to another summer boot-camp. Here in MSA Corporate and Business Services Division, we pride ourselves for one successful boot-camp after another. This is a brief history of our boot-camp.

Innovative, and Developmental, we elevate the children's days from playing video games and watching TV to having educational fun through interpersonal and physical activities! This is done through you, the Camp Counselors! You are an integral part of what makes parents come back and back again for more Summer Camp. We work with children to develop their interpersonal skills through strong communication and empathy. So come one and come all and join this yearly adventure.


The candidate will be able to:

- Train, Guide and motivate young participants how to be a role model citizen through demonstrating what to do in front of them.

- be an ambassador of happiness by interacting with the young participants and allowing them to be safely creative.

- manage conflict that may come up between team members and solve problems when it's arises

- arrive and leave in a timely fashion and show a high level of commitment

- helping establish good habits for the young participants.

- interact positively with diversity.

- follow instructions set forth by the camp team

- assist Trainers with their training needs with his/ her team


Timing and dates:

- July 14th - 25th 

- August 18th - 29th 

- Time is 9am to 4pm


Basic Qualifications:

- Fluent in English

- Student in MSA

- Good Communication Skills

- Customer Service Skills.


Preferred Qualifications:

- Teaching young children

- Ability to interact with children

- Ability to work under pressure

- Critical thinking and problem solving. 

- First Aid 

Send your CV through this link: cbsd@msa.eun.eg

Or Fill in the Form on https://forms.gle/GnM7WYgPiZxHv1zeA

Looking forward to an entertaining and educationally positive experience to you and to our young participants. 

If you are interested, please send your CV to the mentioned-above email as we don't receive CVs for the internship jobs on the Recruitment Website.