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18, May, 2022

Teaching Assistants in Statistics (Faculty of Management Sciences)

October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) is a leading Egyptian private higher Educational institution with solid British universities partnerships, offering advanced undergraduate and graduate academic programs that support entrepreneurship, meet job market needs, and run applied scientific research, in addition to providing distinguished community service, enhancing its affiliates’ competencies, using contemporary technology and administrative systems, and complying with local and international quality standards.

Key Responsibilities:
The Teaching Assistant plays a pivotal role in assisting the academic teaching process in order to provide high-quality undergraduate teaching and student support services, including review sessions, holding office hours, leading field trips, uploading course materials and grades to e-learning portals/ website. TAs may be required to attend instructor’s lectures regularly, etc.

 Job Requirements:
- Bachelor's Degree in a relative major with cumulative grade (Very good or Excellent).
- High presentation and communication skills.
- Excellent command of English language skills.

- Excellent computer skills (Proficient user of MS Office and Internet).
- Leadership skills and loyalty.
- High level of interpersonal skills and ability to work independently and as part of a team across both the education and service sectors.
- Ability to work positively and cooperatively with students, internal and external teams, and agencies.
- Proven ability, commitment, and passion for engaging in research activities.
- Male candidates should have the exemption/ end of military service certificate.


Package and Benefits:

-Basic Salary 
- Medical and Social insurance.
-Fully covered training programs, workshops, and development sessions.

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