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13, Mar, 2019

Sales Admin

Job Description

  • Assisting the sales team involves more duties and responsibilities than one would think. We conducted analysis of several Sales Administrator job descriptions to procure the following list of Sales Administrator duties and responsibilities.
  • The Salesperson generates a sale, and it is the Sales Administrator who actually puts that sale through in the company system. This usually involves entering data into a computer, and can also include filing paper orders
  • The role of Sales Administrator involves some customer service. If a customer has an issue with the delivery of the product, it is the Sales Administrator who takes the call and fixes the issue.
  • After Sales Administrators process the sales of a given day, they update the company-wide sales figures to reflect these numbers. This requires advanced knowledge of spreadsheet software.
  • Sales Administrators are the ones in the office who tend to know the numbers the best, so it is their responsibility to analyze sales figures and present these findings to their management staff.
  • Managing contracts’ process between head office and sales office.
  • Attending business meetings at the head office, if needed, as per direct manager instructions.



  • 0-2 years of experience
  • Fluent English in communication and writing



Sales Office – Fifth Settlement

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