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To attract best talents / innovative team whom we can invest in to help MSA achieve its strategic aspirations and sustain its competitive edge, and contribute to the university's mission; bringing in a well- educated graduate to the community where they thrive on the competition in today's challenging market/ or who can contribute to building a more peaceful world.

We are a professional team

MSA University has a well-structured recruitment and selection process and cycle that is acknowledged by most of the high profile candidates and different auditing entities for over 11 years.

The Recruitment Department receives the Staff Hiring Request forms from each faculty 2 months minimum prior to the academic semester. Accordingly, The Recruitment team starts to work on shortlisting the potential candidates and hiring the talents required.

In case of shortage, Job Rotation and Transfers could take place first if possible.

Channels of Recruitment such as:

  • MSA Web Site
  • Social Media (through Facebook, LinkedIn) plus headhunting
  • Recruiting Agencies (Wuzzuf, we post jobs for the required hiring needs )
  • Referrals (This is through our academic staff)
After the above procedures, the following steps take place:
Step 1: CV submission

The applicant should submit the CV electronically via MSA Online Recruitment Website.

Step 2: Screening and shortlisting

Screening CVs and shortlisting the candidates according to the job specifications & the University manpower plan

Step 3:: Assessment (Pre-interview test):

The candidates must sit for well-developed placement tests before the HR Interview.

Step 4: HR & Technical Interview

The candidate is interviewed firstly by the HR department then the faculty dean/head of department for the technical interview (if academic staff).The candidate is interviewed firstly the HR department then his/her direct manager (if administrative staff)

Step 5: Demo Presentations

The candidate is entitled to present a 15 minutes demo presentation in front of the HR Supervisor and other faculty members in order to observe, evaluate & put on track the candidate capabilities & skills (both teaching & interpersonal skills)

Step 6: Final Interview (For managerial positions and PhDs)

In case of passing both the HR & the technical interviews, the candidate can meet the University President as a step prior to signing up the annual contract according to the issued job offer. The Head of Board of Trustees is always keen to meet the PhD Holders and the senior managerial candidates.

Step 7: The Job Offer / Hiring Documents submission

The employee signs the contract with the Recruitment representative and then he has to meet the Personnel representative in order to finalize the required hiring credentials that must be submitted to the personnel team before joining the University within 2 weeks to 1 month.

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is full of smart, driven people who care a lot more about getting it done, and the relationships we build, than about proving how clever we are.

Engy Mansour

HR Director

Eman Ezzat

Recruitment Section Head

Menna Al Ghandour

Senior HR Supervisor

Hala AbdulSalam

Recruitment Specialist

Hagar Ahmed

Recruitment Specialist

Hana Barzak

Recruitment Specialist

Reasons to partner with MSA University

Depth of experience

We have over 20 years of experience as a specialist global recruiter

Stable leadership

Our leadership team has an average tenure of 20 years.


Over 70% of our current business comes from personal referrals and repeat clients

Superior sourcing strategies

We use a range of innovative sourcing solutions to find the best talent in the market


Seeks to attract best talents/ innovative team whom we can invest in to help MSA achieves its strategic aspirations
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